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Project Description

The MTConnect Managed SDK provides Agent, Adapter and Client object models to facilitate both exposing MTConnect data from your machine tools as well as consuming data published by remote MTConnect Agents.

The SDK supports the following platforms:
  • Desktop (full framework)
  • .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  • Windows Phone 7

This SDK implements a subset of the MTConnect specification version 1.1.

This SDK is currently in a Stable, Release state, however we're always looking for implementers to help test out the currently implemented feature set. We also encourage implementers to vote for features to add over in the 'Issue Tracker' tab.

The currently supported Agent features are:
  • A pluggable Host comms layer, allowing any host mechanism you'd like
  • The probe command
  • The current command, (note ‘at’ is not yet supported)
  • The sample command

The currently supported Client features are:
  • The probe command
  • The current command, (note ‘at’ is not yet supported)
  • The sample command
  • The ability to receive results as raw XML or as Entities
  • Filtering of sample and current commands by Device name and DataItem ID

Notable missing pieces in the existing implementation (we'll update this list as development progresses)
  • streaming support (i.e. providing a frequency parameter to sample or current) - this is in development
  • the at parameter for current commands
  • path parameter filtering for current and sample commands other than by Device name or DataItem ID (basically we support a subset of filtering - if we're missing something you need, let us know)

Example Usages

A simple Client application example is included with the latest source code.


Another complete example of SDK usage (both Client and Agent side) can be found in the OpenNETCF VirtualAgent project.
A Windows Phone Client brower application will be forthcoming (as we I find time to implement it)

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